Which is better overall MSI or Sapphire HD7850?

Im ordering a new pc soon and im living in australia.

I am tossing up between the MSI Radeon HD7850 Twin Frozr III and the Sapphire Radeon HD7850 2gb OC.

Which of these cards performs better in games at 1600x900 and which cools better?

The MSI is on special for $269 down from like $280 and the Sapphire is $275

So not much price difference between them?

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  1. the cards are about equal, with twinfrozr being perhaps slightly better. since that card is cheaper due to the special, I would go with MSI twin frozr.

    both should let you max out most if not all games at your resolution
  2. My monitor is 1440x900 i think actually its an Acer P191W. And i like the look of the sapphire better i think? So they are pretty equal?
  3. people here on the forum will argue back and forth, but in the end, MSI and sapphire are basically the two top partners for AMD cards and the two cards are just about equal. if you like the sapphire one better go with that one :)

    you won't be the first to spend $6 extra for aesthetics lol
  4. I agree with everything vmem has said. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. Sapphire does however provide a lot of 'extras' with their cards far as special connectors and such. I personally have never used any of them. I assume that is why XFX does not even bother to provide them with most of their cards. I 'think' MSI may have some extras too but not sure how much. Their Twin Frozer Cooler is awesome.

    I think you are going to have to flip a coin on this one. Or just make a personal decision on which would you feel would look better in your case since they both perform at similar levels.
  5. I just put that Sapphire 7850 in a build and the card runs real nice. I can play wow on high settings and get 60 fps with no problem
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