Performance of 6790 and 6850 cf'ed

Hello there, i just bought a His Turbo cool 6850 off newegg, and was wondering if i crossfired it with my 6790, will i get a good performance increase?

AMD Anthlon x2 640 propus 3 ghz
2x2gb corsair vengeance and 1x2 gb gskill ripjaws (6 gb ddr3 1600)
Powercolor HD radeon 6790
OCZ Fatal1ty 550 watt PSU
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  1. your CPU isnt suitable for CF and the cross fire with this CPU will be bottleneck , but if you insist to make CF, no you cant make crossfire with 6850 and 6790
  2. how will my cpu bottleneck it
  3. would overclocking it help that? even if it bottlenecked, if the 6850 downgraded to a 6790 specs would it be bottlenecked still?
  4. troll
  5. i did the research and it does work, they all use the barts gpu, what the 6790 basically is, is a 6830
  6. i guess ill try it tomorrow because thats when i get it, and ill report be here, wish me luck, oh and crossfire option doesnt show up in CCC. frustrating!
  7. Au_equus said:

    Yes, au_equus is right. The cards need to be from the same series to crossfire together. You can crossfire a 6850 with a 6870 but not a 6790.
  8. im pretty sure thats not true, aka 6770 and 6850 crossfires together, we'll just have to see
  9. wallyg123 said:
    im pretty sure thats not true, aka 6770 and 6850 crossfires together, we'll just have to see

    Yeah, sorry about that, it sounds like there is an exception to the "series rule" with the 6790.

    It's being discussed elsewhere too:

    Hope it works out for you.
  10. thanks :D, just hope ill have enough wattage!
  11. wallyg123 said:
    thanks :D, just hope ill have enough wattage!

    Here is some info on the 6800 series' power consumption:

    I'm not that familiar with your PSU but it looks like you'll be okay. Obviously you'll have little headroom leftover.

    And as some others have noted, unfortunately your CPU is going to hold you back.
    I'm running crossfire with a X4 955 and it requires overclocking to get the most out of the video cards.
    AMD chips do have a some trouble keeping up these days.
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