A control you can hold in on hand (PC)?

Like the nunchuck for Wii, but made for the pc?
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  1. you can install team viewer remote app on your phone and control your pc with the phone
  2. What about the Splitfish controllers, they are for consoles, but work on PC.

  3. Any wired versions? I don't need a mouse.
  4. They seem to be all wireless. Not sure if it is because they are made first for consoles or what.

    You can pair a wii-mote toe a computer with bluetooth :) then its addons should work, but still wireless.

    Came across this from my friends at Google, but it seems these devices are far and few between.

  5. Will they ship it to the US? Hard to believe they don't have more Brands of the one hand analog stick controls. Will it work with Win7, for platforms it just says xp?
  6. They do not. See the problem here is I have found no one selling it on this side of the World and amazon.co.uk only ships in the UK and Europe from what I see.

    It is kind of like half the Amazon.com(due to the variety of sellers) stuff will not ship to Canada.
  7. Crap, well I guess I can do a Wii Classic Controller Adapter for PC with a nunchuck.
  8. Well looks like Wii Classic Controller Adapter for PC with a nunchuck then.
  9. Let us know how it works, If you like to build stuff they have plans for a USB -> Classic/Nunchuck box.

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