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2600k refusing to go out of power saving

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January 7, 2013 2:45:21 PM

Hello, I've recently started a thread about my GPU, which I thought was the culprit for my performance in games. After doing just about everything to the poor GPU, I concluded it's not at fault. Then after a lot of thinking and investigation, tweaking and benchmarks I realized my 2600k is at fault.

The GPU thread (has system specs there):

Anyway, all my components score a 7.9 on the WEI except the CPU which is a 6.3. All other benchmarks I've ran seem to confirm that the CPU runs about 70% worse than it should.

The problem are powersaving options. The CPU fluctuates from 900-4000 MHZ, usually sticking to the lower end of the spectrum. This may seem like normal behavior, however it does this constantly, i.e. while idling and when it's supposed to run full on. This makes most games close to unplayable, with framerates ranging from 10-80 in the span of 10 seconds. The CPU absolutely refuses to stay at a fixed clock for longer than 3 seconds no matter what's going on. Sometimes it will even go down to 800-900 and stay around there when it's supposed to be at full power (happened while running petst).

Another completely insane issue is that when it's properly clocked or overclocked the temperature is atound 50 degrees celsius (quite an acceptable temperature), however once it downlocks it JUMPS to 90 degrees. This behavior is incredibly confusing to me, and I've never heard of anything similar.

I've tried disabling speedstep and any other powersaving options I know of in the BIOS, to no avail, of course.

I'm looking forward to any kind of insight in this problem, thanks in advance
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January 7, 2013 10:36:46 PM

Sounds like sometings not quite right with your cooling situation. The cpu is heating up and throttling down to save itself. Then you see the heat spike because its not in realtime.
In the meantime, reset your cmos and don't overclock until you figure out whats wrong with your cooling.