8320 or i5 2500k/3570k

Hey I am looking to buy a new upgraded cpu and motherboard and so i am wondering which one i should go for the AMD 8320 (no point in 8350) or the i5 2500k or the 3570k

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  1. If it's primarily for gaming, i5 without a doubt. 8320 may be better in highly-threaded non-gaming stuff, course it draws more power though so costs a bit more in the long run.

    EDIT: I failed to specify which i5 there... reason being, it doesn't really matter. Grab whatever there's a deal on and take the 3570K if they're the same (or near same) price. 3450/2400 would be just as good if you're not overclocking.
  2. ok thanks i will be mostly gaming and sometimes rendering things also what graphics card should i be looking for, for around the £200 mark
  3. Well these are all available around £160 or less. I'd personally take the i5 3450. i5 3570K if overclocking.
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