Question and opinion on Triple Monitor Setup and Video Card

Newbie here to tomshardware, but what it looks like is this it the place to go if you gotta question and searching the
web myself wasnt answering my questions

Heres what im looking to do

I saw some photos of the eyefinity triple monitor setup and ever since then i fell in love
even when the monitors are setup in portrait orientation it looks awesome

so i went and traded my alienware laptop for a good computer

quad core processor at 3.5 ghz
8 gigs of ram

and id go on but everythings goood exceeeept . . the video card :non:

its an outdated 9800gt

but to get to my point and question

my question is im looking into getting a HD Radeon 7850 ( Thats as far as my budget for a card will go )

and three 20 - 21.5 in monitors. . and i was wondering if that card on its own would be good enough to handle
Guild wars 2 . . im not looking to play games like Battlefield 3 or crysis 2 on high settings

if there are any other cards that can do it on a medium to high setting id like to know
and if there are any other options keep in mind though on a budget . thanks !
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    If that's the best your budget will allow then its the best you can do. To look at other cards is pointless. There aren't any others that can do eyefinity in that price range. (A pair of used GTX460s maybe...) Probably can't max any current games in 1080 eyefinity but it should be able to make them look good enough.
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  3. okay thanks !
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