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Should I get a second video card???

I currently have a Samsung 22" LCD connected to a Gigabyte GeForce 210 1GB video card I have to run the video card out of my PCIe x4 slot, because my x16 slot is blocked by a heatsink. :fou:

If I get a second LCD, should I run both monitors from the single video card? Or should I get a second video card and run one monitor per video card?

I work all the time, so I don't play any games. Most of the time, I do programming and live in Excel/Powerpoint. I'll occasionally do some video and image editing. I need the screen to be very responsive and would like each screen to be its own logical desktop (e.g., if I expand a window, I don't want it to expand to both screens -- just one will do).

Would I notice ANY improvement if I got a second GeForce 210 for the second monitor? My friend says I will, but then I wonder why the video card would support two monitor outputs... :??:

Thanks in advance for all your help. :) :) :)
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    You'll be fine with just the one card.
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