Help me find the correct case for me

Guys i am planning on buy a new beast pc here are the predicted specs:

Processor:Intel core i7 haswell quad core 3.5 ghz+ cpu (will be confirmed when all haswell processors comes out)
GFX Card:Nvidia Geforce Gtx 690(Or maybe a better one which may come soon)
Ram:CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB (4 x 8GB)
PSU:Corsair HX1000w
Mobo:Probably an atx or e atx case.(When they release for haswell processors)(price range upto 400 $)

NOW this is what i am asking u guys for :A GOOD CASE(NO price limits)

Guys i need a good case for liquid as well as air cooling coz idk which one i will use or maybe first i may use air then to liquid (need a future proof)
case supporting E Atx form factor.I am currently looking at haf x ,storm trooper .Please no cases with much plastics.I need a future proof,Liquid and air cooling compatible case.Look is not needed,it can be awfully or sxy looking one.No price limits.Couning on you guys.

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  1. I would look at Lian-Li and Silverstone if I had unlimited funds.
  2. Or check out the NZXT Phantom 820
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