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Just bought a new smart TV, my computer is old am going to be replacing it, BUT yesterday and today all of sudden a new thing began to happen; the screen began rolling, I checked all the other HDMI input/source channels since they are in use and they were stationary, my question is is it my computer or the TV?

I haven't seen a rolling screen since I was a kid and we old TV's, but also have never seen a computer do that.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. One easy way to solve this is to use a different monitor/tv. If you just bought a new tv, return and get a new one. If the same problem occurs then you have your answer.

    You could also try using the onboard graphics rather than a dedicated GPU. Obviously I don't know what your system specs are, but I assume you have a dedicated GPU. Providing more info would help.
  2. Interlaced or non interlaced settings? Check you graphics setting on your computer.
  3. Thanks for your answers, but to the first, it's a 60" TV, I am 5' tall, I can't just decide to pick it up and return it just to find out if it's the TV or the computer. :p

    My other TV which I was using is also a flat panel LCD but not 1080P ...

    I was going to buy a new computer anyway, so that's what I did and since then no issues, so no doubt it was the old XP, although it was a top of the line for it's age with Intel and nvidia, I I've had any issues I think the older electronics just couldn't deal with the new smart TV....( IMO ).

    Thanks again for the time you took ( both of you ) to answer.
  4. Thank you for answering back. I wish more people would do that!

    Sometimes melding older tech with newer tech can be a pain.
  5. thee_prisoner,

    Why does it take a week before this place notifies you of a response? I see you responded the day after my response to you both, I just recieved the email at 4:56 PM today?

    I see I should check back more often but a week seems soooooo long...
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