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Another guy who needs a gaming card.

So I need a gaming card that can handle crysis 2, battlefield 3, minecraft (XD), and skyrim, all at an average of 1920x1080, while holding about 60fps in high quality. I was looking at gtx 560 ti, not sure if I need to spend that much money for decent performance though. Any suggestions would be great. And lets say I have an i5 processor, with 8gb of ram, nice motherboard.
No overclocking, I have a 500w power supply, and lets keep the price under 300$
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  1. Sorry, but I don't think that you will be able to run these games on all high and get a steady 60 FPS. You need to get a better PSU (at least 650 W) and the GTX 560 ti would be swell, but yes you do need to spend that much money for this type of performance. I do recommend the GTX 580 ti though. Hope I helped!
  2. Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 are very demanding on hardware, particularly on video card. Battlefield 3 alone need 1.2GB VRAM to run in the max settings.

    In order to stay under 300$ get a PNY Commercial Series VCGGTX570XPB-CG GeForce GTX 570
  3. You will need to spend more than $300 dollars to meet your request
  4. What 500W power supply are you using? If its a generic model, I wouldn't feel safe with you using that very nice GTX570 on it.

    You could get a new power supply and a good card for a good price now still.

    That should come out to like $290 without shipping, and you should be able to play most of those games on high resolutions. If you want to go a little bit cheaper, you could go with this power supply instead, that is very highly rated:

    EDIT: Forgot to add that this combo is going to perform well in all these games. It probably wont run BF3 on Ultra @60, but it will run it very smoothly probably above 40 or so.
  5. I like that you are on crack and all... (wait, no i don't)

    but a 560Ti WONT do that, a 7850 probably won't pull that off and you are looking at a 7950-7970-670. And really... anyone obcessing over 60 FPS.... i don't want to know what they are on.... something that impedes brain function for sure.
  6. 7870 will get you either at the mark for 60fps or very close to it.

    However, like others are saying you do need to get a new power supply to be safe with the power. A 500w power supply is pretty close to the minimum that you would need. I would look towards a 600w or a 650w to have some breathing room.
  7. How well would a gtx 560 ti hold up with these games?
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    I would think pretty well. If that is your price point, it is a very good card.
  9. Pretty well meaning like 30-40 fps?
  10. Sure, maybe even more. The 560Ti is a good card. But what is the model of your 500W power supply?
  11. Try and solidify your price point and let us know what your power supply model is so we can give you the best suggestions for your help.
  12. Ok, it's an Antec, says 500w max. And im buying a cpu for around $200, plus the gtx 560 ti, so im hoping to keep it as close to $200 as possible.

    Heres the one I was looking at.
  13. My roommate had a 560 Ti. Runs games very strong. I'm just going to offer it because having a variety to pick from is always better.

    there is a 7850 on newegg that is at209.99 after a rebate. Most games this is either equal if not better than the 560Ti.

    uses 1/4 to 1/2 the power the 560Ti uses.

    Only thing though from what i've read on the net is that the card tends to stutter if you push it below 60fps from what people are sharing.

    heres the link.
  14. Wow, it actually does perform better than the 560 ti, I will check it out. Thanks man! Any other thoughts would be grand as well:D
  15. Not a problem variety is always good.
  16. Your power supply by the way is plenty. If its an Antec, it should run most cards you pick perfectly.
  17. Cool, thanks a bunch you guys! :bounce:
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