Three questions about the i7 3770k vs i5 3750k for gaming

Three questions i really need help in.

How much better is a i7 for gaming? i know most people would say it's the same but i see people saying i7 is required to max out gta 4, gta 5, and any other huge open world games on a different site. Is it true that a i7 is needed to run huge open world games on max?

So let's say i have a gtx 670/680 and i get 100 fps on a game with a i5. If i than switch to a i7 would the fps go from 100 to 110 or more?

If i plan to wait for a few months to get a gtx 700 series like the 770/780, should i pair it up with a i7 instead of a i5?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I7 will provide a few frames more than the I5. The I7 is better for video editing as it has absolute beastly overclock potential.

    You won't really see much of a performance boost from anything above an I5 3570. If you run dual GPU then it proves to be more useful.

    What is a GTX 700 series? Get an I5, it's cheaper and the I7 doesn't really give any significant benefit in terms of gaming.
  2. Lucam said:
    I7 will provide a few frames more than the I5. The I7 is better for video editing as it has absolute beastly overclock potential.

    At stock speeds the i7 is 100mhz faster so will be slightly more powerful for gaming. At the same clocks the gaming performance between an i5-3570k and an i7-3770k is negligible. But the i7 doesn't necessarily overclock any better than the i5. Neither really has beastly OC potential on conventional cooling. Sandy Bridge and Nehalem (think i7-920 D0) had better OC potential as a percentage of stock clock speed. Ivy OCs just fine but the i7 and i5 variants generally reach similar OCs.

    For gaming the 3570k will be perfect. If you want more frames get a more powerful graphics solution. The next series from Nvidia will run perfectly fine with a i5-3570k.
  3. +1 for larkspur and lucam

    The real issues come down to fact that major difference between the Intel® Core™ i5-3570K and the Intel Core i7-3770K is hyper-threading. Right now very few games can use more than 4 threads; for this hyper-threading has minimal value on a gaming system. So you have 2MB of additional cache and 100MHz speed difference. Now since both processors overclock as well you might as well go with the Intel Core i5-3570K and use the extra money on something like a better video card or an SSD.
  4. well the i7 is $100 more so if your comfortable with that you will get 4 extra threads!!
  5. Totally agree with IntelEnthusiast. The only thing the i7 has over the i5 is hyper-threading and it is not supported when gaming. So the price difference between the two isn't justified if the purpose of the PC is gaming. Save money and get the i5, use the extra money to get an SSD or a better video card as suggested and you'll get a much better bang for your bucks.
  6. The i7 has more cores but runs hotter at the same OC's (more threads, more heat). If you going to use a budget cooler, the i7 may be hotter than you'd like. Then again, if you willing to cough up the extra $100 for the i-7, the $85 cooler won't be an issue.

    As others have said, if budget is tight, money could be better spent elsewhere ... if it isn't, well then this conversation is moot :)
  7. JackNaylorPE said:
    The i7 has more cores

    You probably meant threads. Both the i5 and i7 are quad-cores. Unless you were talking about the six-cores versions of the i7 but they are very expensive...

    Personally I'm not a big fan of hyper-threading, in certain applications it can even have a negative impact on performance and for gaming it has zero impact.
  8. haha i have i5 3750 K its better than i7 3770K for gamimg
    you will see very minute difference re...
    its will be waste of money i thnik if it comes to gaming better get new games or upgrade few thing ;)
    its awesome to have i5
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