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I recently bought an 850w Power Supply but every time I start up the computer it says "Power Saving Mode" on the monitor. I can also hear a long beep that goes on for about the first 10 seconds before fading out. I noticed when I looked inside I saw that the fan on my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 560) was turning really slowly so I took the two power connectors to it out and put an adapter (molex to 6 pin) in one of the ports and trying the two other 6 pins in the other one by one with no luck. I then unplugged the power from them and took the graphics cards out and tried starting up the computer with onboard graphics but it still said "power saving mode" on the monitor. I then decided to take each stick of RAM (2x 4gb) out 1 by 1 with no change. I have also unplugged all USBs 1 by 1 with no change. I built the PC just over a year ago and the Power Supply is the only thing that has been replaced and I also got a new LG 22 inch monitor which I got a few weeks ago with no faults. I would just like to know what part of my computer is causing the problem.
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  1. I have just tried starting it up a few more times and I don't think that beep is a troubleshooting beep and I think it might just be a high pitch noise as it didn't happen for 1 of my start ups.
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