Prime95 test on Q6600 regular temperatures?


I ran Prime95 for a total of 20 minutes and recorded my temperatures using RealTemp.

It says that the maximum temperatures were: 75°C 72°C 72°C 72°C

Are these normal temperatures?
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  1. For prime 95, yes. Quad cores run warm when stress tested, especially with the stock Intel cooler.
  2. Yes, I am using the stock intel cooler. Should I upgrade my fans? Because it seems to me that if I leave it running longer, the temperatures would go even higher in to the danger zones. Also is it true that if your processor exceeds 70°C the life shortens? I do not want anything like that to happen to my beloved Q6600!
  3. 72c is about the max. You could go with the hyper 212 for around $20 after rebate at newegg. I wouldn't spend too much on it; when the board fails someday, you'll want to sell the cpu anyway. 775 boards are getting scarce except for a few Intel models.
  4. A Q6600 - G0 stepping is rated by Intel to run 100% reliably up to a core temperature of 100C. Many people confuse the Intel case temperature specification with the core temperature that most monitoring software like RealTemp and Core Temp reports. These two temperatures are measured in two completely different spots on the CPU and can not be compared. When fully loaded, a temperature difference of 20C to 25C is common.
  5. schmuckley said:
    That's pretty hot for a q6600.I'd invest in some better cooling if I were you.

    It isn't that hot and the OP probably won't run Prime95 continuously 24 hours a day. I sure wouldn't be worried about it; mine runs like that and it has been very stable (though it isn't 100% busy all the time). If it fails, I can buy another one for $50.
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