New built problem - any help greatly appreciated

I have been putting together a new build for a friend tonight and have run across a problem.

On powering up the machine I get a repeated short beep every 3 seconds. According to the site below it could be a power failure.

The power seems to work on nearly everything, the optical, the lights, fans, case leds etc

The only issue is the graphics card which only one of the three fans seems to work. Ive connected the card using both 6 pin connectors and fully inserted it into the pcie slot.

I researched before I got him these parts and the power supply should be fine but maybe its too little power or a faulty supply? I tried unplugging the ssd and network card (which doesnt fit anyway!)

Maybe something on the gpu is faulty although I tried this in my machine recently and it worked great.

the items in the build are;

gpu - 6950 gb

ssd - 64gb corsair

network card -

optical -

hard drive -

case -

cpu -

cpu cooler -

mobo -

psu -

ram -

Been tearing my hair out for hours over this so any help would really be appreciated!

thanks in advance
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More about built problem greatly appreciated
  1. I would unplug the graphics card and power up. If it power up fine then you need to replace the supply if it still doesn't report your finds.
  2. Ive done that and the pc powers up without the beeping although theres no signal to the monitor using the dvi on the motherboard

    I wonder if theres too little power for this set up?
  3. power wise seems ok, maybe its faulty. \
    Try with another psu if you can.
  4. Yeah thanks. Im goiing to go buy a new power supply tonight and give it a try.

    thanks for your help all
  5. No replacement?
  6. Well I have built the PC for a friend and he was going to get it tomorrow. Ill buy a more powerful and hopefully non-faulty one tonight and get my money back for the other one.

    I just hope the issue is the power supply
  7. Does your mobo have any debug LEDs?
    You can check if there's any code on that.
    Do you manage to get to BIOS?
  8. Does your mobo have any debug LEDs?
    You can check if there's any code on that.
    Do you manage to get to BIOS?
  9. Does your mobo have any debug LEDs?
    You can check if there's any code on that.
    Do you manage to get to BIOS?
  10. UPDATE!

    no Proton there is no LEDs and cant even manage to get to the BIOS.

    My mate bought a new power supply thats 750w and surprise surprise it still beeps. I removed a RAM stick and it didnt beep on boot but still no picture. The next time I tried it beeped again!

    A different thing ive noticed after plugging in a keyboartd is that the keybopard lights up whenever the motherboard beeps and then a second later it goes out and then repeats on the next beep.

    Im nopw thinking this could be a faulty motherboard?
  11. It could be the motherboard and if you have another computer or "work bench" computer you should test everything separately to make sure its the motherboard and nothing took any damage.
  12. im so mad that this isnt working. over ten hours trying to build this dam PC!

    So ive tried my gpu and it worked! Installed windows 7 and a few other things. Tried swapping the gpu back to the 6950 and the beeps start again. Figure ill put the 460 back in and he can borrow it for a while and then there is no display being sent to the monitor again!

    Im so annoyed this is the worst build ive ever done! I guess the motherboard is the issue

    Appreciate the help you have been giving guys
  13. Hi, I'd try to take the motherboard outside the case, put it over the cardbox it came with and test it. I have the same case as you do and my motherboard was going nuts with a bolt making contact with it.
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