Built is done. Opinions?

I just wanted to let the people that were helping me with info that my built is over. I was pretty sure i was going intel route but i was worried about their integrated graphics. So i went with the FM1. I just hope that the cpu has enough grunt. Here are the components:
Case: Lc-Power 2049MB with 300w psu
MB: Gigabyte A75m UD2H
APU: A6-3500
SSD: Kingston sata3 60gb V+ 200
RAM: Kingston 4gb 1333mhz

Total cost ~300$

What do you think? I think it is fine for a budget htpc. Will be posting a review when all is set. :hello:

Edit: How can i change the title? Need to do some corrections :) (built->Build and Opinions->Thoughts)
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  1. Are you using the PSU that came with that case? Don't! buy a 400w Corsair/XFX/Antec/OCZ PSU.
  2. Why not? Whats the worse it can happen?
  3. They give you really cheap PSU's that are liable to failure. I'll wait for others to chime in on this.
  4. Well, when it fails i will replace it. Replacing a functional psu is a waste of money imo. But maybe im unaware of what can happen to the whole system if a psu dies?
    So far, i had 2 psu's die on my desktop and nothing bad happened. I just bought another.
  5. Sometimes a PSU dies, and that's it. Sometimes it dies, and it brings your mobo along too. :(
  6. yeah man, he's completely right, a new PSU should be top of priorities.
    Some PSU die in smoke, some go out peaceful, but some go out with a bang and take down your WHOLE pc, that won't be fun.
    even a cheap $30-60 PSU could save your $250 worth of hardware.
  7. What do you think the operating temperature will be at idle/load?
  8. Quote:
    Some PSU die in smoke, some go out peaceful, but some go out with a bang and take down your WHOLE pc, that won't be fun.

    Yup, it's like playing Russian roulette, you might have five peaceful deaths, but on the sixth one......

    Invest in a seasonic or corsair or such, it is worth it.
  9. This will be cool if all you're doing on it is browsing the web and watching movies.
  10. Well... Stream/youtube/XBMC. Is it possible to hope for 25c at idle?
  11. No. It's probably going to be 30. 20c is extreme. It will run cool, but it won't run that cool.
  12. 25C is possible, but not with the 212.
  13. azeem40 said:
    25C is possible, but not with the 212.

    But not with the 212?? :heink:
  14. 25c is like 77F. That is really cool. You'd need an insane liquid cooler to get that. With the 212, expect 30-40c idle.
  15. Okey, so today i received the pc. Works very well and fast. You can barely hear it working, without the led on light i could't tell if its on or off. Im not so happy with the case, very easily stains and its a little bigger than i can put in nicely.
    Very satisfied with the sound. Gigabyte has great sound drivers. The dolby home theater is really good. On idle, its about 27c, 36-37c on load.
    I'm just so upset that my dog ran through the cables and pulled the case to fall. It has a few minor scratches and the door doesn't open so smoothly now...
    Boot up time is less than 20s with win 7 64bit.
  16. Correction. The coretemp is showing 18c on all three cores on idle. Very happy :)
    Here is the pic of the setup:
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