Upgrading chipset, $35 - $50 budget

Hey guys,

I've convinced the parents to buy a new graphic card for the family pc, but there isn't a whole lot of money to go around. Any pointers?

My specs:

Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Pentium Dual Cpu 2.0ghz processor (that's the same as Dual-core right?)
2gb Ram
The GPU we're using now is the one that came with the computer,
Intel 82945g Express Chipset Family.

I'm looking for something that at least plays skyrim. I glanced at the nvidia Gt220 because it's pretty cheap on ebay, and I thought the specs and the price looked good for what I'm asking, but it hasn't got very good reviews.

The price may not be set in stone, but it's ultimately up to my parents how much they want to spend. So the cheaper the better. I've been doing some homework, and it seems like I might be asking for a lot. :sweat: Sorry about that. whatever help that can be offered will be appreciated. :)
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  1. For that price range, the HD6670 would be the best choice.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125403 - $50 after rebate.
  2. I second that. Don't get anything less than HD 6670 - it's the cheapest gaming card in the world. Cheaper cards weren't meant for gaming - they were meant for watching movies.
  3. you could even try searching for ahd 5670 gddr5 which costs the same as a hd 6670 ddr3
  4. I agree with Sunius. If you want to play games, a HD6670 is probably the weakest you should get. The performance difference of a GDDR5 version over a DDR3 version should definitely be worth the price increase. This card will also not require a PSU upgrade.
  5. Thanks a bunch guys. I'll check it with my parents. Is my Cpu and my minimum 2gb ram going to be a problem? I don't mind playing on low settings for everything. Would skyrim be possible on my setup with the new Gpu?
  6. With the HD 6670, you would be able to play skyrim at low resolution, with no anti-aliasing, no anisotropic filtering & low/medium detail levels.
  7. I'd say even more than that :) Should be no problem at medium-high settings.
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