I need help deciding on a graphics card.

So I need a gaming card that can handle crysis 2, battlefield 3, minecraft (XD), and skyrim, all at an average of 1920x1080, while holding about 60fps in high quality. I was looking at gtx 560 ti, not sure if I need to spend that much money for decent performance though. Any suggestions would be great.

-And lets say I have an i5 processor
-8gb of ram
-p8z68-v pro motherboard.
-No overclocking
-500w power supply
-If possible keep the price under 300$
-I have a 23" screen monitor too.
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    The 560ti is an alright card but it's dated and power hungry, plus it's not going to be able to consistently hold 60fps at high settings with AA enabled. If you can swing $260 I'd suggest getting the GIGABYTE GV-R785OC-2GD Radeon HD 7850, it's also factory overclocked very high to 975MHz vs. 860 stock. Link:
  2. HD 7850 has very bad performance/price ratio. I'd suggest looking at GTX 480, it's much faster than HD 7850 and is $50 cheaper.

    However, it requires a quality power supply. I suppose that 500w is from a reputable brand?
  3. If you want to spend less money, then the HD 6850 & the HD 6870 would be good choices.
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