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I am planning to build a new one during mid week of November, so i have decided to start from now on. The new system that i am looking to build will be for work purpose and for a bit gaming too. I am a Graphic and a VFX student, so i deal mainly with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, Autodesk Max and Maya (Particles and Dynamics) Match mover, Eyeon Fusion, Nuke, Pf Tracker, Mocha, Real Flow ........ etc

Currently i am having

CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 940 BE
MOBO: ASUS M4A79 Deluxe
RAM: G Skill DDR2-1066 PC2- 8500 (2048X4) 8 GB
GPU: Plait HD 4870 (1Gb)
PSU: Tagan 800w
CASE: Coolermaster Champion (Mid Tower)

My new System that i am looking to build are as follows

CPU: I7 3770k
RAM : G skill/ Corsair (quite Confused)
GPU : GTX 680 ( Zotac most probably)
PSU: I got no idea, will my Current Tagan 800 work or i have to look for more ?
CASE: Coolermaster Storm Trooper

Budget: Indian currency 95,000- 1,06,000

Budget: 1728 USD - 1928 USD max ( conversion rate = 55rs per Dollar)

I would like you all to suggest, advice in each and every possible way

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  1. Get the 670. 95% of the performance of the 680. The RAM doesn't matter. GSkill and Corsair are quality brands, so just get which ever one is cheaper.
  2. What about the PSU ?? I will like more suggestion :)
  3. Get a new one. 650w is good.
  4. PSU: PC P&C 600w Modular
    GPU: EVGA 660ti
  5. A 670 fits in his budget so why get the 660Ti? Just needs a new PSU. Never heard of Tagan. Get a reputable brand like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, XFX, Seasonic, etc.
  6. I am looking for a High End GPU, So 660 Ti will not fit :)
  7. I am also thinking about the

    CPU : XEON E3- 1275 V2
    MOBO: G1. Sniper 3
  8. Try the XEON E3-1230, the price/performance ratio is better. But if you want high end build and a Z series board, stick with the i7 as the xeon won't overclock that well.

    For the GPU, the 680 won't give you much of a performance increase for the extra cost, get the 670 and put the money you save towards a SSD drive.
  9. Guys, i have been hearing lot about SSD, Can you please state its advantages.
  10. Another thing, i am really against overclock. I have no plan for overclocking at all.
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