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Is it rare for onboard audio to fail?

About a month ago I bought an old IBM Netvista,....the sound worked when I got it, but when I tried it last night it was dead. I put in an old Soundblaster card I had laying around, and now it works fine. I know it's not software or driver-related; I've run this comp with both xp and 98 (on different hard drives), all audio drivers up to date, no sound from either o/s...and device manager on both says that the audio is working fine. I went into bios, and saw nothing amiss.

Is it unusual for the onboard audio chip to go bad?

And a bonus question :lol: Is even a cheap audio card an improvement over onboard audio? I know that the IBM's sound is much improved with the Soundblaster card.

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  1. 450w is not enough for your system. On the AMD page it sais the recommended power supply is 500w for the 7770 GPU. I recommend getting a 550w seasonic PSU, as they are the best and most reliable manufacturer for PSU.
  2. Wrong thread, perhaps? lol
  3. Yeah sorry, hahaha.
    But with relation to this top, I haven't seen or heard of much cases of the onboard audio failing. It's more of a rarer thing than other issues.
  4. Yeah, I've never had it happen before, and I've been messing with old computers now for a few years. The thing I usually have to replace is onboard ethernet; for some reason, mine usually die on me and I have to add a card.
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    Never really heard of Ethernet failing as well. Usually a cheap sound card is better. But more higher end motherboards have better onboard audio. If your motherboard is old than any new sound card is usually better.
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