Computer wont recognize all my RAM..

Hello, all of a sudden my computer wont recognize all my RAM... what gives?
Chip 3.02Ghz Pent D
Ram:(2)Mushkin DDR2 5300-2028Mb each
Installed in ports Dimm 1 and 3
Not sure when it happened but was having alot of problems so i got rid of old programs, updated outdated programs ect... then i noticed my RAM settings only indicated 2GB.
Bios only sees (2) 1028Mb
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  1. OS:XP SP3
  2. after reading some threads im 99% sure that my MOBO lost the ability to read dual channel on Dimm 1... is this even possible?
    when moving ram to dimm 2 and 4 it still only reads 2GB total but i think thats because of the way the MOBO configures its RAM
    If this thread is in the wrong location..please let me know.
  3. Move them to 2 and 4 and try it out.
  4. Are those memory sticks doublesided or single sided? (ie - do they have chips on both sides of their little board)
  5. there is a jacket over the RAM but it looks like both sides
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