My Computer Goes Distorted After Booting To Bios

Pleaseeeee Help??!!
Ok my computer consist of:

Cooler Master Scout Tower
Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3
I5 2500K
SSD Intel 320 60GB
8GB Kingston Hyper X Grey Series
750 Watt Cooler Master Gx Series
And NO Video Card Yet.

Well My Computer Boots Up to the bios menu and before i can adjust anything my screen starts flickering then a distorted look like on the tv pops up and then a teal or blue screen comes on and it stays on. So to get rid of that teal screen n get the bios menu back on i have to turn off everything on the computer for like an hour then i start everything up again and it does the same thing and i made sure evrything was compatible what could it be it doesnt even give me a chance to put an OS because it does that so please help.?
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  1. Please someone help
  2. Make sure everything is plugged in and assembled properly (CPU heatsink and fan properly secured and functioning). If that's the case, try updating the BIOS.

    EDIT: Also you might try a different monitor.
  3. Well ive been usin my tvs via hdmi And how do i update the bios on this asus maximus Iv gene-z/gen 3
  4. Anymore Help??
  5. Try a different monitor.
  6. Update your BIOS.
  7. How do i update it
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