Is my PSU failing?

Hi guys.

my pc started to do me some trouble yesterday, (for the first time since i built it - year ago) i have to push the power button 10x before it starts then it runs fine. no BSODs or crashes while i use the system for anything, gaming n stuff. it works as it should. but when i start it the following morning its the same. actually the first time this happend i couldnt start it at all. so i removed bios battery and checked the pwr connector and other cables and it started up normally after that. but as i said 10 times of button mashing and it worked. i figured it could be PSU or possibly the power button. is this normal symptom of failing PSU or a broken power button? or does my system take to my watts then the psu provides?

AMD Phenom X4 965BE 3.6Ghz (only stepped up the multiplier 2x nothing else) C3 stepping
Corsair CX600w PSU
1333 Rams 8xGB
HD6950 (500w req)
Hyper 212 evo cpu cooler
990fxa-ud3 motherboard rev 1.0

Recent changes.
oc'ed my 6950 card to 900Mhz and the pc hang and i had to restart it (switched back to stock after that)
flashed bios to F9 for future upgrade to fx-8350 (but cancelled order when this problem started to occur)

dont know much else to say, so please what do you guys think could cause this?

(sorry for confusing/bad grammer - i'm swedish xP)
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  1. please note that this only occures when the system have been off over the night and i try to start it the next day. that means, it starts/reboots perfectlly when i had it on for awhile
  2. Since the problem only happens when the power supply unit has cooled down then the problem seems to be temperature sensitive.

    The motherboard won't power up if it doesn't receive a power good signal, that is within the ATX specifications, from the power supply unit.

    You need a different power supply to troubleshoot with.
  3. OK.

    The start button is simple to test.
    You can unplug it from the motherboard and touch the 2 pins with a screwdriver (this is the same as pushing the button) it closes the circuit.
    If it turns on then the button is failling, if it doesn't then the PSU is most likely dying.
    Best way to test is with another working PSU.

    If you don't have one from another PC or you can't borrow one from a friend, buy one, it always come handy and it is 90% the cause of your problem.
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