Need help with AMD/ATI driver reinstall

Okay, first let me say that this is why I try to avoid ATI graphics cards. Catalyst Driver Packages are simply second rate compared to Nvidia Geforce Driver Packages.

That said, I recently bought an Aspire 5560G-7809 from Tiger Direct for $400 since I will be traveling soon, and I wanted something inexpensive that will be able to play a few games on mid settings. This laptop comes with RHD 6520G + RHD 7670M which can be CrossfireX'd.

I didn't like the old drivers (they're awful), so I uninstalled everything and attempted to reinstall 12-6 mobility drivers. However, the Catalyst installer won't detect the graphics cards now. Even when I try to reinstall the previous drivers, they won't detect the GPUs. If I try to direct Windows to the correct folder with the drivers in them via device manager, it simply keeps the Standard VGA Display drivers.

Again, I'm not used to this. Nvidia installers always detect the card, so I'm at a loss.

Anyway to force Windows to use the drivers I want? I could always restore my previous settings... but that defeats the purpose of what I am trying to accomplish.

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  1. It sounds like Acer came up with some customized drivers for their laptops. AMD specifically states:

    If you experience difficulty while using the generic AMD Catalyst Mobility drivers, we recommend reverting to the driver provided by your notebook vendor. Please contact your notebook vendor for their most recent graphics drivers.

    My guess is you're stuck with the Acer drivers.

    -Wolf sends
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