Worth upgrading i5 760 @ 2.8 ghz for gaming purposes?

I have recently purchased a GTX 670 and was getting some mixed answers about if its being bottlenecked much. I would overclock my chip but my motherboard is pretty shitty for overclocking, its an Intel DH55HC. I live near a microcenter and I was thinking of picking up a newer chip and mobo but I wasn't sure if it was entirely worth it to upgrade at this stage in the game. I don't really do much with my PC other than gaming.

- I was thinking of upgrading to an Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz since it's priced at only $230:

VS Newegg which is priced at $330:

I really appreciate any suggestions, thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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  1. the i7 for the i5 price? dang I wished I lived closed to an MC... anyways. I'd be all over that deal but then I edit videos too and hyperthreading would help me but is practically useless for gaming. If they have the i7 for that, how much lower is the i5 because unless you do something that uses HT (multi-player BF3 and FSX are the only 2 games that come to mind right now that use it) you'd be better off with the i5 and either a better gpu or an SSD with the savings.
  2. The Core i5-3570k at $170 is a better deal for gaming, even if you don't save quite as much compared to other stores as you do on the Core i7-3770k.

  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm not expecting a huge increase in performance but is it a decent upgrade or should I be waiting? Most games run decent on high but once I throw on things like full aliasing etc things can start to get pretty dicey in some games.
  4. Stuff like antialiasing doesn't affect the CPU, it's more work for the graphics card.

    I would probably recommend waiting for the next generation of Intel processors. They're scheduled to launch in June.
    Your processor is only a little slower than a Core i5-2300, if you check the benchmarks:

  5. yeah, AA is all GPU typically so that would indicate a GPU upgrade is needed instead of a cpu.
  6. Yeah maybe I should wait till haswel as suggested.. I just have that upgrade itch and was hoping the bump from 2.8ghz to 3.5ghz would take things up a decent notch and plus I'd like a second setup that I could have for friends to use when over.
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