Post boot?

hey guys, Today I received my MoBo(Maximus V Gene) and Processor(I7 2700k) so I thought I'd do a post boot with them along with the other pieces I have.
I've read somewhere that the I7 2700k doesn't need a VGA to run( I plan on buying a gtx 670 power edition ij the coming weeks, I just wanted to post boot)
I got everything set up right, I plugged in my LCD tv to the mobo, And I got nothing on screen when I booted up.
I am a total noob, This is my very first build so any and all feedback is much appreciated.
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  1. bump.
  2. also forgot to mention when turned on, The fans on the psu and cpu cooler spin for a few seconds, Then shut off for a short while and start over again.

    (I'm also connected to my LCD tv with an hdmi cable.)
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