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Hello, I have just brought a Coolmaster HaF 932 advance and i'm trying to decide on a new Graphics card,
my setup is
3.2 gig i5 650
16 gig Corsair 1600 ram
gigabyte P55A-UD5 MB
Antec 850 watt PSU
ASUS 24" 3D monitor

i'm wondering if 2x MSI gtx560 hawk edition in Sli would give good FPS and detail in 3D for things like Skyrim / WoW / Portal 2 / Dirt without melting a hole in the desk or is there something better that still is reasonably priced ?
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    What's your budget? As a rule of thumb you would probably be better off with a single GPU within whatever budget you have.
    It avoids the problems of high power consumption, thermals, micro stuttering, and if you really want it gives you more options to upgrade in the future.

    A 670 GTX or HD 7970 would be better options than a straight SLi setup on old tech.
  2. I'm Stuck with Nvidia because the Nvision wont run with ATi cards :-( Budget is around the $600 mark for a GC , only have PCIe 2.0... i did droul over the 690 gtx for a bit but the cost and fact it's PCIe 3.0 ..... i wouldn't be able to run it at full potential which was a big turn off for me.... I'll have a look into the 670 :-)
  3. found a
    Gigabyte GF GTX 670 OC EDITION for $609... if running it on PCIe 2 wont effect it's performance thats what i will go with... after that i shall replace CPU and CPU cooling and add a SSD and then go for the second card for Sli and that will be my rig done... i don't make a lot of money so this will take some time to achieve but a decent gaming rig i really need..... i'm over the Xbox 360
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