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I have been in the market for a new case for a while but i now actually need one. I just recently got a new hard drive and the sata cable pokes out a bit too far, keeping the side from fully closing.
What i am looking for has a few criteria
1. Around the $100, no more than $140
2. Black with blue lighting color scheme, to go with my deathadder, psu, and soon to own k90
3. Mid tower in the least, able to fit Atx board but nice if it can fit E-Atx
4. Plenty of space for cables behind the motherboard
5. Preferably has a sidepanel window
6. Room for a 240mm radiator

I've been looking at the black phantom 410 and black phantom from NZXT. I would like to see what you guys come up with.
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  1. I have the Phantom 410, I love it! has pretty decent room from cable management, I'm still trying to figure out where I'd put the Kraken x60 if i get it. it looks great and I think It'll hold the mobo you have, tho i am not too sure, I'm very new to this stuff. and the side panel shows off a nice portion of the insides.

    I hoped this helped, let me know if I can try and answer anything else!
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