$600 gaming computer. Need your help

This is my first time building a computer. I'm not an expert, so please can anyone help me build a gaming computer? My budget is at $600. I will play games like Crysis and GTA IV. I'm still undecided if I'm gonna OC. And I know if I'm going to overclock I need to buy a cooling fan for the CPU, and as of now I don't have money for that.

This are the only parts that I'm gonna need, other components, O.S and peripherals, I already had them :) .

I'm gonna buy this parts, next month :).

Option A: (As of now, I'm not decided to OC it, but may'be in the future)

Intel i5-2500k $223

Graphics Card:
PowerColor HD6850 $146

Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3 $195

*I'm considering Asus P8Z68-V LE,
which is much cheaper at $161

Corsair 4GB Ddr3 $20
Total: $584

Option B: (It can help me to save some money, which is good for me :) )

Processor: I can't decide which one?

Intel i5-3470 3.60 GHz (Ivy Bridge) $200
Intel i5-2400 3.40 GHz (Sandy Bridge) $190

Graphics Card:
PowerColor HD6850 $146

GA H67M-D2-B3 (supports Ivy Bridge) $107
Asus P8H67-M LE (supports Sandy Bridge) $101

Corsair 4GB Ddr3 $20
Total: for Ivy Bridge rig $473
Total: for Sandy Bridge rig $457

I'm a kind of person who don't usually upgrade from time to time. I also do some Photo Editing and Video Editing. Feel free to make suggestions regarding my build. Thanks for your answers in advance :) .
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  1. mate you are under a budget and u want to go with intel? are you kidding me? its possible but u are running very low on gpu power... maybe swap the motherboard to amd and the cpu to amd probably like a x4 965 or if u wanna be future proof wich is gonna be very soon gta V is coming out about 80 days left... maybe phenom ii x6 i highly reccomend amd here and you will be able go go with a more powerful gpu such as 6870. and you can put in more ram like 8 gigs because gta v will gonna use 4 gigs of ram mate.
  2. Get a Phenom II X6 or X4 at your budget. Also dont know why you went cheap on the GPU when youre playing Crysis and GTA lol.
  3. Something around the 7850 line. Maybe even a 7870.
  4. I see, btw, whats the ideal GPU on this kind of build?
  5. Sorry about my GPU up there, I thought I can run GTA on 6850. Hmm, I want to buy an Intel, may'be I'll just wait for another couple of months to buy with this kind of build, and change my GPU. Nw333, beside my GPU, is my motherboard and processor are good enough?
  6. With the first build, you can downgrade the mobo a bit as the one you have is overkill for your current system lol. The Ivy Bridge build, its fine. Just upgrade that RAM to 8GBs and atleast a 560Ti or 7850 and it will do awesome.

    Oh and if you have a microcenter near you, you get a cheaper processor and mobo. (you get a huge discount when you buy the mobo and cpu from them.)
  7. Thank you Nw333. I might get the 560 Ti. But one last question, how about the 6870? does 560 Ti beat the 6870?
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    560Ti > 6870. There you have it. :D the 6870 is on-par with the 560 NON-TI. :)
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  10. Thanks for everything Nw333.
  11. Goodluck bro! :D
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