Sandy/Ivy Bridge Prices After Haswell Chips Release?

I am currently in the midst of building a PC, and I still need to purchase a CPU. I am currently looking at the Sandy/Ivy Bridge i5 chips, but I have heard that Haswell chips will release in April. Having already bought a Z77 motherboard and having no intention of purchasing a LGA1150 socket, I have decided to still purchase a sandy/ivy bridge CPU. However, I do not know when, as maybe the release of Haswell chips will bring down hte prices of its predecessors. I believe I can buy an i5-2500K/3570K for $180 if I look hard enough right now, but once Haswell releases, will they see a drop in price good enough to warranty waiting for 4 months?

As a side note, the computer will be mainly used for gaming, web browsing, and word documents
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  1. No, intel cpus don't drop prices like that. Expect the new cpu's to cost more than the current lineup.
  2. Exactly. The price of sandy bridge and ivy bridge won't go down.

    Now, this does work with AMD because they use the previous generations high end chops to fill out the lower end lineup as new ones come out. But intel doesn't do that. The q6600, the Q9500, I5 750, i5 650k, or the 2500k. All enthusiast favorites from the last couple generations. Not one came down a penny in price.
  3. And if they do come down, it's usually not worth it by then, even if you don't ripped off by an eBay seller.

    There was an old extreme edition P4 processor on eBay that was at a bargain price. The only issue was that the newly release Sandy Bridge processors would've torn that cpu apart in sheer performance.
  4. They will more or less remain at the current price maybe drop $5. $10 at the very best. For example, prior to the release of Ivy Bridge was selling the Core i5-2500k for about $225 - $230. It is now selling for $220.
  5. We have price points that we try to have processors hit. This lets us to roll out new processors without worrying about moving the old stock. In the end we rarely do any price drops on our end.
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