First Gaming PC Build... Comments guys?

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  1. Change your processor
    Change your motherboard
    Change your hard disk to 7200rpm and a 128gb ssd
    Change your case to the 902. It has refinements
    Downgrade to 750w gold
    Upgrade to a gtx 670
  2. I disagree with the above post. If you are gaming all you need is an i5 but I would get a 2500k or 3570k as they can be overclocked. I have the 3570k and love it. If you do get a z77 motherboard like the asrock z77. I have an asus sabertooth z77 but thats a bit overkill. I do agree about getting a 128gb ssd and a 7200 rpm hard disk. as for PSU stick with the 850 and get a gtx 670. the 850 will give lots of wiggle room for a 2nd 670 down the line and enough power for anything you add later to the rig. (I.E. fans, lights, liquid cooling, pcie inputs usb etc etc) also I am a big fan of nice large cases. is a wonderful case for just a bit more.
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