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Upgrading a video card

just wondering i have a 40 inch television mounted on my wall and my pc connected to it i wanna get a 7970 and i currently have a 5770 am i gonna see much of a difference for the money
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  1. forgot to mention specs i have 1100t on a h100 asus CHV 16gb g.skill 1600 mhz and a 850 watt psu nzxt ocz agility ssd 120gb
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    The 7970 is a lot faster than the 5770, but if the 5770 runs what you want at 40+ fps, no need to upgrade. The 7970 will enable you to reach higher framerates with higher quality. If you are not running things at the highest settings and want to, upgrading will do that for you.
  3. yeah im trying for better frame rates for my FPS games and skyrim also playing arkham city and things like that i guess im trying for 1920x1080 with a decent framerate
  4. i would love to max things out if thats possible but im willing to settle for a medium-high setting ^^
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  6. 7970 will max out pretty much all the games (settings and frames) at that resolution. only games it may have a bit trouble with are bf3 and metro 2033 with everything at the highest settings it'll hiccup to around 40 frames :)
  7. i've narrowed it down to 2 rands the XFX DD BE and the SAPPHIRE 7970 dual x has anyone tried both or either on if so how is the experience so far and whats the cooling builds on them like idle temps lod etc...
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