Cooler Master Elite 120 Case + Kuhler 620?


I'm building a mITX computer in the Cooler Master Elite 120 case. My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-Z77N. I'm wondering if the Kuhler 620 CPU cooler will work with this case without modifying it, or if anybody knows of a tutorial/explanation of how the case needs to be modified. I have found several build posts on the internet with people using this cooler, but I can't really tell from pictures how they've set it up.

Also, the reason I'm interested in this instead of an air cooler is because I'd like to be able to put a graphics card in someday, and generally save space in the motherboard area.


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  1. I just recently put together a build with that case. The room between the top of the CPU and the bottom of the PSU is limited to about 4". Here is a review of that case with some good pics of what I mean:

    As I remember, there are only 2 locations for a 120mm fan; the front intake and one mounted on the back of the drive cage. Your cooler's fan would blow over the MB and worse, I don't know if there is enough room for the fan and radiator there. It is really tight.
    Here is a pic of my build with stock PHIIX4 cooler installed and a 120mm fan mounted on the back of the drive cage for reference.

    Uploaded with

    I don't know how you'd modify the case to solve the issue...
  2. Thanks for the link. I think I've given up on the idea, as it looks like others have succeeded only by making pretty drastic modifications, like removing the section that holds the drives and using SSD's in the 5.25" bay.

    It might be possible to use one of the 5.25" PSU's in the disk drive bay and mount the radiator and fan on the top of the case, but that would still require some modification and would make it complicated to open the case, as it's the top piece that comes off.

    For others that are looking for info on this motherboard/case combo:

    The Cooler Master GeminII M4 cooler seems to fit well as far as the case and memory slots (I am using two sticks without tall heat-sinks, and there's a bit of room to spare) but does not allow room for a graphics card on the motherboard. I think that the ideal size of fan would be less than 65mm tall, and 100mm or less wide.
  3. Sadly, that's probably the best idea. I ended up selling the MB and processor and the case is still sitting on the shelf in case I want to try again.

    Are you going to go with the Gemini II M4 instead? Or go with a different case?
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