Is this EVGA video card worth the price I can get it for?

I can purchase a EVGA GTX 560ti 448-core classified ultra, on my local Kijiji site, for $200 Canadian ( I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). Is it too high or a good bargain right now? I thank you all for all responses.
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  1. That is a good deal.
  2. Thats a pretty good deal for a 448.
  3. I´s say $200 Canadian for a EVGA GTX 560ti 448-core classified ultra is a bargain! So go for it!
  4. except for the minor fact 6950s have been going for 200 US.... and canandian currenct has (pathetically) out classed us for several years
  5. Just wondering "unksol"...where can you get a Radeon HD6950 for $200? I checked Newegg, NCIX and other sites...and with applicable taxes and shipping, it puts the costs well over $200. Could you let me know where or what site? Thanks.
  6. The one on Newegg is no longer $200, but I suspect in the coming month they are going to become much cheaper.
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    He is not talking about the GTX560 Ti He is talking about the GTX 560 Ti 448 core and yes that is a very good buy. It out preforms the 6950 hands down. OP get it before it is gone good price.

    6950 vs 560 Ti 448
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