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Hi, i have an HP Slimline s5304y
AMD Athlon X2 215 2.7 GHz
4 GB Ram
VisionTek 5450 512 MB
220w PSU
I want to upgrade it as far as i can without buying a new PSU
At first i looked at this one and i thought i can get it and have a good GPU but then i looked around at found out that my PSU would most likely explode

But then i found this one and looked at another topic and found that it MIGHT work and it MIGHT not work, im here to get help on whether i should get this or something different, BTW i want to play Crysis 2, Battlefield 3..etc

Also i want to know if there are better cards too
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  1. The processor might hold you back in today's most modern games. I'm using a similar setup with the Athlon X2 215 and a 6670. I have it set up without a case with a Dell 250W as I wait for my new case and my Antec Earthwatts 380.

    I did run my system with the 220W for awhile, but I do not recommend it. Try at your own risk. The processor is going to hold you back in most of today's games, especially BF3 multiplayer.

    I'm not sure about the power supply upgrade, like which one would fit, because when I wanted to upgrade the power supply in my slimline Acer, which is similar to yours, I was not able to, because the cutout on the back of the case was specifically made for the Acer power supply. They do make higher power replacements for HP Slimline computers.
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