First build compatability check and opinions would be apriciated

hello im building a pc for the first time.
i only play games and browse a bit, so it will be a gaming machine.
the main goal of the build is to be able to play arma 3 decently, i know the game isnt out yet, so speculating on specs is a fools game, but lets do it anyway XD

canabalizing HDD and optic from my previous pc.

new parts im getting follows

GPU: his 7870 iceQ
CPU: i5 3570k
MOBO: msi z77a -g43
PSU: XFX proseries core edition 650w
RAM: 2x4 kingston hyperx 1600mhz
CASE: CM storm enforcer

i will in the future be adding a aftermarket cpu cooler and a ssd.

are these parts compatibel?

sry for bad english in advance its my second language so dont hate :)
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  1. where are you and what is your budget?

    id hold off the gpu for a week. prices are going to drop again
  2. im in denmark, buying pieces from, and the GPU is on a sale at 337 USD, which sound expensive, but here that is the price of a 7850 unfortunatly.
  3. you could wait a week and see the prices drop a little

    for the motherboard, if you have a g45 model, id get that instead.

    for the GPU, id look at sapphire, xfx, or asus cards instead.

    get ram that is 1.5v. kingston ram is good but it runs at a higher than intel spec voltage which isnt good. some good brands are gskill and corsair
  4. while i apriciate your opinion and likely your greater knowledge on hardware than my own, i simply cant afford to just go with more expensive parts across the board.
  5. you still need to change the ram. or you just void your warranty with intel (from what i heard)

    the motherboard can probably stay. im just recommending something better

    same with the GPU. i have heard some people having very bad customer service with HIS. just stating more options
  6. yes a change of the ram would not have a big impact on my budget, searching for alternatives atm, i thougth HIS where a respected brand, hmm the thing is there is a good sale going on, and at full price i simply cannot afford both an i5 and a 7870.
  7. you can get the i5 for now and when the prices drop, get the 7870. the his card has a great cooler but i dont know too much about the company since they are not a major brand. im basing my opinion off of others so you might want to take it with a grain of salt
  8. your help is greatly apreiciated :) on another note is a 650w supply enough to power this even if i add a evo cpu cooler and a ssd in the future?
  9. you can power 2 7870s with 650w easily. if you ask me, id get the SSD first since you wouldnt have to go through the hassle of reinstalling windows on the SSD and copying all the necessary saved files from the hard drive. you will also have to reactivate windows if you transfer from a hard drive to a SSD. so it is better off to start off with a SSD and when you need more storage, you can get the hard drive and just go to task manager and get windows to recognize the drive
  10. yes the thing is however, i own a 750 gb hdd so there is no need for me 2 purchase more atm, i woul much rather buy an ssd when i can afford a 250gb ssd for windows + all my games, but thanks for the thougths on PSU´s. btw is there anyway for me to close this thread again ?
  11. A 128GB is enough for Windows and a few games.
  12. yes but i do not intend on having just a few games installed :)
  13. well then you will have to reinstall windows, reactivate windows with microsoft and transfer your files to the SSD if you do it later on.

    installing things like movies or photos on a SSD is pretty pointless since they take up a ton of space and that loading a movie faster doesnt do too much to increase productivity
  14. I have changed my build to make room for a ssd plz tell me if these parts are compatibel as i will have to pull the trigger on it within 24 hours

    HIS Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5

    MSI B75MA-P45, Socket-1155

    Kingston ValueR. DDR3 1333MHz 8GB, CL9

    XFX ProSeries Core Edition 550W PSU

    Corsair Carbide 300R Midi Tower

    OCZ SSD Agility 3 Series 2.5" 120GB
  15. it would work but heres what i would change

    1: do you have the antec 302 in denmark? its a cheaper case that has the same features as the corsair 300r
    2: agility ssds are unreliable. get something like a samsung 830, sandisk extreme, or crucial m4 instead
  16. oh and b75 motherboards cant overclock so it doesnt make sense to use a k chip along with it
  17. the g43 was perfectly fine. best value for money on the market, imo.and think twice before buying a ssd and sacrificing performance for it. it wont give you 1! frame more and if youre rly on a budget..., buy it later on.
    the here so called "hassle" with reinstalling i would see as tidying up ;)
  18. ohh yea sry forgot to add the new cpu XD was thinking of downgrading 2 a
    Intel® Core i5-3550, and no unfortunatly the case market here is not that greate :(
  19. get the 3450 to save a couple of bucks. it performs about the same. you wouldnt notice the difference unless you are under a benchmark

    if they are the same price or lower, then id get the 3550
  20. the 3450 is about 8-9 usd cheaper here
  21. then get it. its a better buy than the 3550
  22. and a 550w PSU is enough if i dont intend on overclocking?
  23. yes.
  24. thanks :) gonna go buy some parts in the morning
  25. the prices are going to drop anyways
  26. aaaaaand the 7870 on sale are gone :( gonna w8 a week or 2 then il be back for more scrub advices !!! *cape swooosh*
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