Fx-4100 bottleneck?

I just recently bought a gaming computer but I'm getting pretty bad fps. I think I may have a bottleneck so here are my PC Specs

AMD fx-4100
MSI 990FXA - GD80
8Gb ram (Corsair)
XFX 7870
1tb 7200 rpm
500 watt thermaltake power supply
Rosewill future gaming case

I think that the fx-4100 is my problem and if so (trying to stay away from the fx series) would the Phenom II x4 965 BE be a good choice?
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  1. yea can get a fx 4300 and that will not bottleneck that hd 7870
  2. Thank you skitz
  3. What about comparing the Phenom II 965 Be vs the fx 4300? which would be better I want gaming only on this computer
  4. well the fx 4300 is a little bit better tahn the 965 and plus if u know how to overclock u will get a better perfomce
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