Need help to upgrade my graphics card to play diablo 3


Due to unfortunate events (spilled wine on my laptop) and the fact that I do not have enough money now to purchase a new pc I am considering the option to upgrade my old desktop in order to play diablo 3.

Here's the link:

It has the quad core processor. I run an online test which shows that the only problem to play diablo 3 on this pc is the graphics card. Due to the fact the graphics card slot is pci-e 1 I am really sceptical to what my options are if any.

Any help and recommendations would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What's your budget? You might want to consider investing in a new computer altogether since there will most likely be a bottleneck.
  2. Well the issue is the power supply as it is only 300Watt any PCI-e video card will work in a version 1 slot so that will not be an issue.

  3. 150-200 euro if I will know that the game will run fine. By fine I mean mid graphics with no hic ups.
    Because i dont plan to play any other games in the near future i dont want to spend much now.

    Thanks for your time :)
  4. i will change the power supply if its needed of course
  5. Hello, glad I can help! First off, I recommend getting the Radeon 6670 Graphics Card. It is affordable ($75-$120) and can even play Battlefield 3 at high settings with a steady frame-rate. It will run Diablo 3 just fine. Make sure you have a 450+ Watt PSU (Power supply), to ensure that the graphics card runs good. Hope I helped!
  6. Do you know if will do the trick? Is there a way to check if its backwards compatible with pci-e 1 or all pci-e cards are backwards compatible?
    Also, anything specific i should check for the power supply except for the 450 Watt?

  7. PCIe is always backwards compatible, however with a 200 euro budget i have to recommend these two.
    The GTX 560 offers about double the performance of the HD 6670, however you will need a new Power Supply:

    EDIT: I used a UK site because then the price is already in EURO's and less expensive to ship.
  8. Thank you very much for you help people. I didnt expect such a fast response!
    The reason i asked about the backwards compatibility is because while i was searching for this in the net i read that some cards dont actually work (maybe specific cards with specific motherboards) and of course i would like to make sure that the card i will choose will do the job.

    Again thanks. Really appreciate the time you spend :)
  9. Been trying to find something for you but I would look into maybe a 7770. Atleast in the states its about $20.00 - $40.00 cheaper and close to the performance.

    It is backwards compatible to 1.0. Just wanted to throw something else into the bunch. I have a buddy that uses that same card and it runs well for him.
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