HAF 932 or Storm stryker from coolermaster

I'm looking into getting a new computer case and i was curious of what you all think i should get should i get the Cm storm Stryker or the CM HAF 932

or if there is any other case with better airflow or quieter that still looks good any opinion/advice welcomed

please help


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    the storm Stryker

    got the storm trooper which is the same case in black

    had a haf 932 and a haf x and the trooper is a better case than both of them

    also looks stunning in white--only had black option when i got mine :(
  2. Well im planning on putting some more fans in it if at all possible so #1) are the fans included good as in airflow and noise? and #2) what fans should i get for the extra slots/replacements if the stock fans are bad
  3. i think it comes fully stocked with fans

    except for optional x2 on the bottom--not really needed though

    my storm trooper is the 1st version so no side window

    so you could add 2 x 120mm there on mine

    the stock fans were reasonably good--not too loud and decent temperatures

    the two i added on the side i got silverstone air penetrators
  4. ahh i see well seeming that your the only one that answered most must agree with you lol but i will leave this post open for a while yet for more ideas and inputs
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