i have a emachines t3302 desktop pc and when i try to play my mw2 on it it says directx error what
graphic card should i get
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  1. if you are getting a direct x error you may have to update direct x
  2. Good luck...

    This machine only has an APG graphics slot (integrated S3 graphics) and a Sempron 3300+.

    The machine was considered out of date when it was produced... (,2817,1872234,00.asp)

    I'd recommend saving the $$$ and trying to piece together a new machine.
  3. Google was not very friendly, and neither was the eMachines site; I could not find actual specs. A rear-view shot though showed the PSU has a little voltage switch. That probably means it is a very marginal unit (e.g. a Bestec). The strongest card you could even consider is a HD7750.

    Edit: If all it has is AGP, then I agree with namdlo; any money spent on it is wasted.
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