I3570k failing stress @ stock

Does anyone know why my processor is failing IBT and Prime95 at full default BIOS settings? I'm looking OC but know I can't if my processor can't even pass stress tests at stock speeds.

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Mobo
i3570K @ Stock
212 EVO
8GB 1600 Memory
nVidia 670 GTX FTW
128gb Crucial m4 SSD
Corsair HX750W PSU
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  1. In Prime95 are you getting a BSOD or are the cores just dropping one by one?? Also what are your temps?? You might have set your 212 evo wrong!
  2. On IBT max temps on stock are about 68C on the hottest core, and it fails on the second run. For P95, the cores are dropping one by one and temps hover about 62C.
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