Intil CPU Upgrade Woes

I upgraded the Intel I7 930 2.8 ghz to a Intel 960 3.2 ghz on my dell-alienware aurora desktop pc and now it will not boot.All the pc fans are going,and I did notice that the little white cpu light is not flashing at all.I followed all the correct procedures in upgrading the cpu,i even put the old 2.8 chip back in and the same thing with that chip too.Anyone know what to check and look for,cause I am stumped.
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  1. Try resetting your cmos! On your motherboard there should be a circle battery, just pull that out for about a minute then put it back in. It should now boot!

    Good Luck!
  2. If that doesn't work look for bent pins in the CPU socket.
  3. I will try the cmos,then the socket pins if a no go.Thanks alot.....
  4. Oh.I forgot to ask,if there are bent pins what do I do then,is the motherboard nfg
  5. Depends. Slightly bent pins can sometimes be gently coaxed back into place, but they are easily broken. Depending on what pin is bent they can damage CPUs also.
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