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i have a radeon 4650 hd card... i use a VGA cable to go from the pc to my monitor... i have a HDMI cable hooked to my samsung tv... i cant run both of them at the same time... in order to use my tv (thru the hdmi), i have to unlug my vga and restart my system and my tv will work, to switch back to my monitor i have to unplug the hdmi and plug in vga and restart. am i missing something? thanks for any help!!
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  1. You should be able to run both monitors at the same time; either in extended mode or clone mode. Explain in further detail what's happening when you have both the monitor and the TV connected to the graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  2. when im using my monitor (vga) and i plug in the hdmi the screen resolution automatically changes and the font and stuff on the screen get bigger but it doesnt recognize my tv like it does when no vga is plugged in.

    and if i im watching thru my tv (hdmi) and i plug in the vga cable my hdmi connection goes blank
  3. Sounds like it's in "Clone" mode and it's trying to set a resolution that your TV might recognize. You should probably shut down your system and connect both the TV and the monitor to the graphics card (you should never connect either while the system is running).

    Once the system is booted up with both displays connected, you should be able to go into Catalyst Control Center and set up both displays (in Extended Mode) and change the resolution of each display to the devices native resolution.

    You should also be able to set up a hot-key combo (in preferences) to switch which display is the primary for when switching between the monitor and the TV for viewing.

    -Wolf sends
  4. i have restarted with both plugged in several times... ive searched google for hours... its crazy. i have AMD ENGINE CONTROL CENTER (is that the same as catalyst control??) but it only recognizes my monitor... not my tv... but when my hdmi is running it recogniZes it and names it samsung
  5. Yes, AMD Vision Engine Control Center (ECC) is the new name for Catalyst Control Center.

    So you're saying that when both displays are connected, when you open ECC, it only shows the monitor as connected and there is no way to enable the TV because ECC only shows one display connected?

    -Wolf sends
  7. OK. One more time. In AMD Vision Engine Control Center, under Desktop Management/Creating and Arranging Desktops, the main window only shows a single blue box (one desktop) when both displays are connected and the box below, labeled "Please select a Display" only has the monitor listed?

    If this is the case, then it sounds like there is an issue with either the card or the drivers. Otherwise it's just a matter of enabling the secondary monitor.

    -Wolf sends
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