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Thinking of switching 212 EVO for ets-t40-tb...hear its much betteR?

ive read several reviews that say the ets-t40 consistenly destroys the entire 212 series of heatsinks...wondering if anyone has used both..or if youre using the t40 now..what is your experience with it compared to other heatsinks you've used? the pricepoint is absolutely awesome so if this is true...or even close...we may have another mainstream recommendation??? how come it has taken this long for it to become semi well known? my local microcenter just now started carrying it...same with my local fry's electronics.
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    I faced this same conundrum when I was trying to choose my CPU cooler. After lots of research and looking at benchmarks comparing them both I chose the enermax and I LOVE it. I have not used the coolermaster before but I feel this is definitely better. I have the t40-tb and it is almost silent compared to other CPU coolers I have used. Get the Enermax, trust me, you will not be disappointed. I think it is not as well known because Enermax are still a little new and coolermaster coolers have been around a lot longer and more widely available, more widely known, more popular etc.,etc. Really though if you look hard enough there a LOTS of coolers better than the hyper 212. It's just that so many people have it and they start recommending it to everyone and then it becomes the big mainstream cooler. Enermax definitely deserve more credit though.
  2. If you already have the 212 Evo it might not be worth getting unless you have lots of money to spend. It is cooler and a lot quiter but you aren't going to notice a huge improvement. You could probably expect about 5 degrees improvement.
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