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  1. what is your budget, usage, parts not required, and location. also, do you plan on overclocking or doing some SLI or crossfire.

    we dont really have time to click through every link because we are all lazy
  2. ok, budget is 2500$ and I wll be using it for college, gaming, and running a minecraft server, and maybe some autocad. my location is conroe TX. and yes I will be overclocking everything and I want to leave the option open for SLI later down the road.

    my parts are:

    i7 3770k
    asus z77 V lga 1155
    nvidia gtx 670 ftw edition
    asus vk428h 24in moniter
    coolermaster haf x case
    seasonic 1000watt platinum PSU
    2x8g gskill ares 1866 speed
    windows 7
    asus blu-ray reader
    corsair force GS SSD 2x240g totaling 480g
    phanteks PH-TC14 air cooler
  3. how much autocad are you going to do? if its like once in a while id get this

    colleges usually hand out windows for free so i didnt include it in the build. second, i highly doubt a blu ray drive is needed given most media is online. on a rare occasion, the dvd is employed

    the monitor i chose is smaller but same resolution meaning you get a higher pixel density which is a good thing. not to mention its cheaper

    if you plan on doing a lot of CAD here you go

    the changes are only more ram and the i7 3770k. games dont require a lot of ram nor the extra threads provided by the i7.
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