Crossfire worth it?

Time for an upgrade!

My current specs are:

Intel i5 760 @ 4.00 GHz
8GB Corsair RAM
ATI Sapphire Radeon 4890 Vapor-X 1GB
Corsair TX 650W Power supply

I can get another card identical to the one I have for cheap, will my power supply be able to take two of these things in crossfire? Connectors on the power supply are not an issue, just wandering if it has enough juice!

Also, will there be much notable improvement in performance? I only play games occasionally, at only 1680x1050 I can run pretty much anything as long as I turn off AA.

Thanks :)
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  1. what motherboard do you have? does it support 16x 16x or 8x 8x?
  2. If you can get it for cheap i would do it. 650 is cutting it close but i dont think you are going to have any problems.

    I had 1 ati card and made the jump to 2 and it made a big difference.
  3. Can't remember the motherboard model no., but there are two PCI-E X16 slots so I have a spare slot for another card after swapping my sound card for a USB DAC.
  4. Power wouldnt be an issue. I have run sli GTX 460's on that exact Power supply.
    However, If I were you, I would go for a single more powerful card, especially at the resolution you are running to avoid any possible CF problems.
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