Upgrade my kids comp to last a few more years

i have a hp pavilion, amd athlon 64, 3700+ 2.19 ghz, 960 mb ram, intergrated ati 200 motherboard, i just need it to run thier online kids games and world of warcraft.

i was hoping to add a mid range video card and some ram, any ideas will help, hoping to spend 200 ish, any help will be much appreacaited by me and the kids.

like i said, just need it to last a year or so more, we are upgrading me and my wifes computers this year, shes buying a alienware mx18, and ima build mine, yay for me!!!

ty very much for your time, the wilsons
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    Any card that doesn't need a separate PCIe power cable should work fine for you. It will get all its power from the 75W available at the slot itself. Any card from the HD 7750 series on down will be good. The HD 7750 is a good card for gaming at 1600x900 and lower resolution. It is by far the max card you can get that doesn't require a PCIe power cable. Definetly more than needed for 'kids games' and good for WOW.
  3. ty very much for the info!!! it truly helps!!!!
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  5. chubbykins said:
    ty very much for the info!!! it truly helps!!!!

    And you will need 4GB of memory to game well also.
  6. i found a dual core 939 socket on amazon for 10$ and found the 4GB of ram on amazon also, i think between the gpu, new CPU and ram im only out 75$ to beef up their machine and get my practivce in before i start my build!!!

    ty again, love toms hardware!! and its community!!
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