Need opinions on intel pentium g850- budget build

So im going to be building a low budget pc for my parent used for web browsing like facebook and yahoo. Also youtube videos. The cpu i think im gonna get is the intel pentium g850. I wanna know how many more years can it handle web browsing and videos. And also is the intel hd graphics 2000 good enough??
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  1. That could last a long time for web browsing and youtube videos, the HD graphics will be good enough, i still use a Prescott Pentium 4 and a AMD sempron 3500+ (both old).
  2. It's going to be fine to up to... say 6-8 years

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  4. id say 4-5 years since tech moves much faster these days compared to back then when it changed every 1.5-2 years
  5. Thanks everybody! And just to be sure i can run windows 7 home premium x64 with this cpu and 4gb of corsair xms ram with no problems?
  6. should be fine. just make sure that the ram isnt 1.65v or else it could void your intel warranty (not too sure about warranty but intel doesnt recommend any ram above 1.5v)
  7. I checked on the website its 1.5v :)
  8. Oh wait the voltage is actually 1.65v. What will happen if i use it with that voltage?
  9. your memory controller is forced to work at a higher voltage. usually means a shorter lifespan but people still do it.

    id just get something like gskill ares 2x4gb 1600mhz cl9 memory at newegg.
  10. I decided to just choose 4gb of kingston hyperx blu
  11. kingston makes a lot of their ram 1.65v
  12. once again i changed the ram to crucial ballistix sport 8gb 1600mhz and yes 1.5v because newegg had a combo with the motherboard i want lol. now i have plenty of ram for the future
  13. good choice. crucial makes good ram
  14. thanks for the help TheBigTroll!
  15. no problem
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