the i5 3570k a noticeable stop from the i3 2120?

i5 3570k Ivy Bridge Quad Core 3.4GHz
i3 2120 Sandy Bridge Dual Core 3.3GHz + Hyperthreading

I recently built a new pc including the i3 2120, and I noticed that I can't really run all of my games on maximum, although that isn't my problem really, I like to livestream some of my games and when I do that I tend to have to lowet my settings, I make Far Cry 3 have medium quality settings on 1440x700 when recording, if I bought an i5 3570k, would I be able to put some Very High settings while recording?

Also I get approx. 45 FPS in Crysis 2 at 1440x700 + Max Quality Settings with my i3 2120, what FPS would I get around if I bought the i5?

Incase i'm terrible at asking questions,
Is the i5 worth an extra $250 or should I be content with my i3
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  1. what graphics you have ?
    honestly the extra money is not worth it for an i5
    that money could be better spent on a better graphics card. like a 7950 or 660ti for example
  2. Specs:
    H61M-DS2 Mobo
    Sapphire 7770 GHz Edition + Overclocked edition (1GB VRAM)
    4Gb RAM
    500 Watt PSU
    500GB 16mb Cache Hard Drive

    Windows 7 ultimate

    Also if i'm going to be spending any more money, I have a limit of $260 to spend (This includes tax + shipping)
  3. you mean you are running 2 7770 in crossfire ?
  4. No, the Sapphire 7770 I got is called GHz Edition, not sure why but it's also called Overclocked Edition as well because it has an extra 150 to core speed.
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    in that case sell your 7770 and get a 7870 that should surely improve performance while recording
  6. Well I'm stuck on the "selling" part, although I am considering what you said now.
    Also are your specs in any way related to Austins $400 Gaming PC build?
  7. haha they are pretty much the same as his. though i didnt follow his video. am seeing his videos for the first time !! good videos though
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  9. Hold up!

    Recording eats your CPU performance, not the GPU. Radeon 7870 will give you better gaming performance, i5-3570k will give you better recording performance and slightly better better gaming performance.
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