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Hello, Im currently on trip on the United States. Since Im from Argentina I was planning to buy here a PSU but to my surprise when I went the Bestbuy in San Francisco they only had on store rubish power supplies. To buy better to supplies I had to order them first via online (which I cant do since it will ask me an us billing adress).
Im going to be in Los Angeles next week. Is there a computer store that still have good hardware on stock ? I cant order things online.

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  1. Mircocenter http://www.microcenter.com/site/stores/tustin.aspx
    Frys http://www.frys.com/ac/storelocator/index.jsp

    Not quite sure about any local ones I'm afraid
  2. Thank you very much. Im going to go tomorrow or the day after to San Diego. Going to try to go to frys store there, hope I have more luck than with Bestbuy. It is incredible that considering the quality of PSU they offer online on store they only have garbage.
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