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Overclocking Asus GTX 570 Fermi

Hello, I have the ASUS ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5 GeForce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB card and I would like to overclock it.

driver version: 301.42
Bios version:

Stock Specs:

Core clock: 742 Mhz
Memory clock: 1900 Mhz (MSI Afterburner reported).
Core voltage: ??
Power Limit: ??

I have never OC'ed before, should I use the MSI afterburner program, or should i use the ASUS application GPU Tweak: or smartdoctor:

Also do i only adjust the core clock and leave memory clock alone? What about voltage?

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    I always use Afterburner for overclocking. I've tried the others from Asus and EVGA, but Afterburner seems the easiest.

    Focus on the core clock first, then when you have a comfortable stable overclock, work on tweaking the memory. When you hit a wall with the memory, back off and you should be set. Voltage tweaking is not for beginners, but as long as you don't force too high too quickly, there should be no problem. The card will just crash if you pushed things too high. If so, down clock and try again.

    Be sure to check the web for results that review sites have gotten with your same card to get a ballpark figure on where your limits are.
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  3. Thanks! I've settled on

    Core clock: 742 -> 850 Mhz
    Memory clock: 1900 Mhz (left same)
    Core voltage: increased to1050 (1.050 mV)
    Kombustor temps: 67*c @ 30minute test

    edit: 1.000 mV was too unstable caused occasional crashes in games, 1.050 mV and 850 mhz appears to be stable
  4. Try to take your memory up to 2250 mhz (4500 mhz effective), like Guru3d did with the reference 570.
    Good luck!
  5. I read that increasing memory has almost no impact on performance, is that true?
  6. invaderneal said:
    I read that increasing memory has almost no impact on performance, is that true?

    That's not true. In some cases, increasing the memory has a greater impact. Either way, it's worth a try.
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